Reduce email inbox overload

With some clients having inboxes with 500+ emails unread to some clients who have risen the white flag on emails. That’s right, no longer checking email and just having a casual glance every week or so for super important messages. Email overload is a huge problem for people’s personal email and for their business email.

Is this you?

More efficient client appointments

You want to be available for your clients but you don’t want to be maxing out your travel time when it could be set up more efficiently. Should you allow clients to schedule appointments at any time during business hours or do you give in and have your personal assistant schedule all appointments for you?

Are appointments an area where you could use some help?

No need to replace a staff member

Working with a high-performing client, we were able to document the processes of a key staff member and bring automation to their email inbox. When their key staff member left, they were able to rely on the new workflows to reduce the admin burden on their business and provide a higher level of client service.

Reduced key person risk

Most businesses have a key staff members who is the font of all knowledge in the business. They represent an outstanding asset to the business but bring substantial risk when they leave, especially if their systems are not documented. Working with a client, we were able to systemise their systems and processes whilst also setting up a set of Standard Operation Procedures (more complex processes) and Office FAQs (for shorter processes) that substantially lowered the risk of this key person leaving. When the key person did leave, their replacement was able to fast-track their training using the stored knowledge, saving the business more revenue.

Created an intranet for a café chain

We helped a group of cafes by designing a Sharepoint alternative for them that could house their training documents, their recipes, their staff onboarding, their inspection reports (completed using a custom app with mobile access) and much more.

Look at every client touchpoint

Clients are looking to gather information in a logical order that ticks all their boxes. They’re also looking for each interaction to be as seamless as possible and to have communication delivered according to a promised timeframe. By looking at every client touchpoint and ensuring that promises are made and delivered, you’ll ensure that clients always know where they stand and will feel empowered knowing that you’re on-call for them.

Build a client portal

We had a request for a client portal where clients could access via their own login. We created a user portal that was company-branded and it had an introduction area, an area for the user logo, a chat connection between our client and the user, an area for file uploads and downloads, a space for company contacts (that the user could update themselves) and an area for the user to complete webforms that were automatically uploaded into the client’s project management software.

“Copy” a website

We were asked by a client to “copy” the style of a website and use this style and layout to create their own website. As it wasn’t in the same country or industry, we were able to use the style of the site as a guide so we could reduce the build timeframe and create a site that the client loved. By seeking inspiration from other industries and ensuring that the website ticks all the boxes for a visitor, you can get the website you want at a fraction of the cost of a custom-build.

Automate documents

We were asked by a client if it was possible to have the data from their online forms be used to create a Word document that could be downloaded or emailed to their client. We used document automation software to ensure that all form entry data would flow through to auto-filling their standard forms, saving them hours of work each week. This is a slightly different workflow when compared to having a form prefilled for document signature but yields great results when used as an alternative to cutting and pasting text from a Word template across to a new document.

Set up payment plans

We’ve worked with several clients to create payment plans, and their variants, for their services and products. We’ve worked with salon owners to set up payment plans for monthly treatment packages (ongoing payment plans), with salon owners for payment plans for once-off treatments (an alternative to pay later services), with wineries in setting up payments for their wine clubs (paid per quarter with set start dates and multi-choice options) and for ongoing monthly service packages for companies looking to offer ongoing work. There are several software companies that offer recurring billing software that meets the unique business needs above and our main role has been finding the perfect software combination that can be integrated into a client’s website, works with their payment processor and looks beautiful.

Build a social network

We had a client who was looking for a way to build a member-only, pay-per-month website where they could share content, organise events and track the progress of their community. Using social network building software, we were able to build their social network, have it be invite-only, have monthly payments from members be deducted and ensure that members could access the site via desktop or via mobile. Members could post to certain areas of the site and receive updates & information from other areas. Members could also connect with members in their local area and direct message each other, forming closer bonds.