Your business started with the seed of an idea and the dogged perseverance by someone to deliver on promises over and over again. And your business grew to a stage where you start to notice that the scrappy things you did when you were 1 employee or 10 employees or 100 employees doesn’t work as smoothly as you may have thought. But it’s not your priority and you continue to hire new staff, send hundreds of emails, push the boundaries of your tattered work-life unbalance and throw more money and more time at the problems…putting out fires, patching with band-aids, being the end-of-the-line.

Every week at Generous Work we listen to clients and potential clients who have some inkling that things could be better. All the conversations lead to one statement “We thought there must be a better way of doing this”.

It’s this hope and openness to change that has lead hundreds of real people, working in beautiful businesses to take a step back and see that they could get a better flow in their business. Maybe the solution is to rethink the software they use, the onboarding of clients, the user experience of their client relationship or the excessive time that staff are spending on padding out their work week. We lay it all bare, start from scratch and see the possibility of what it would be like to “nail it then scale it” rather than build a time & resource sucking machine that takes more than it gives.

If you’re open to change and want to see if we can help, get in touch…or stay in contact…we’ll be around when you need us.