How It Works

The first question that most people ask is:

What work does the Generous Work team do?

We bring clarity. When you see your workflow and your systems & processes clearly, you can clearly see the areas where having someone manage & improve your business will help.

We provide advice. Whether it is the simplest tech stack possible, clever automations, ways to increase client & staff engagement or knowing what to work on next, our team will give you advice on the best practices from top-performing companies.

We help with implementation. You have the advice but need help in setting up your CRM, setting up an online review collection flow, scheduling social media posts, writing SEO content on your blog etc? We agree to a collection of tasks for your outsourced team to manage and implement.

We improve your business. During our discovery phase, we look at the parts of your business that you need to be managed and the parts that need improvement over time. Each month we discuss the deliverables that month in terms of managing and improving your business.


The Process

There are four levels of engagement with our team:


If you’d like to know if working with our team would work within your business, get in contact, outlining your business needs and why you’d potentially like to work together. If we can provide value to your business, we’ll book a free 20-minute discovery call to find out more.


Offered as a stand-alone package or bundled with our ongoing retainer packages, this package includes a 90-minute fact find session to find out where your business is today, what your goals & vision for your business are, what tech stack you’re currently using and answer any questions you have. Following this session, we’ll prepare a workflow map for your business with a 3-month action plan for managing and improving your business. Pricing for this session/research/audit package starts at $US495.


In this part of an ongoing retainer package, you outline the business functions that you’d like to have managed for you. We agree on the amount of involvement you’d like to have and the service level agreements for these areas of your business. Pricing for monthly management starts at $US2,000 per month (min. 3 months).


In this part of an ongoing retainer package, we assess your business and agree on the areas of your business that you want to be improved. We look at the ROI of making these changes and agree on an ongoing list of tasks for us to complete, ranked from highest to lowest impact, to give you more time and make your business more valuable. Pricing for monthly improvement starts at $US2,000 per month (min. 3 months).



If you need clarity on any part of the process, get in touch.