We don’t have a knowledge base

In Short: Winning company cultures provide breathing space for employees to think longer-term, documenting what they do for other employees and new hires.

When you’re considering the valuable IP that makes up your business, you need to value the documented systems, processes & business information that are included in your knowledge base. For most companies, only part of this information is stored in cloud storage files (with no culture compelling employees to update them) and the rest is stored in employee’s heads. By having your information stored in multiple places and everyone too busy to update anything, steps in your process get missed, staff get mixed messages around what to do and people start relying on their managers to tell them again and again what to do.

How do you solve this in a sustainable way? By building a culture that thinks about the bigger picture (training new staff, the value of the company, calmer systems) and has as simple process to quickly document what they’re doing, you’ll have a calmer work environment and less need for managers to repeat themselves.