Programmatic SEO For Businesses

Learn how to create hundreds of pages on your business website (in an easy, no-code way) that target long-tail, low-competition keywords in your niche. Read the full course outline before buying to ensure this course will suit your needs.

Note: Please don’t buy this course until you’re read all the information and know where this course sits in your journey to learning and actioning programmatic SEO.

In this course for businesses, I’ll walk you through the steps to adding programmatic SEO content to your business website using Woocommerce/WordPress.

This course is for people with zero coding skills who want to experiment with programmatic SEO on their business website.

Why Woocommerce?

The main benefits of using Woocommerce to add programmatic SEO are:

  • It is free
  • Can be added as a new section of your website so you don’t need to clog up your blog pages
  • Is so much easier to update content when compared to trying to update hundreds or thousands of blog posts
  • Uses Woocommerce’s External Product link instead of a Cart button so you can link to contact pages, service pages or affiliate products
  • Uses spreadsheets of data in Google Sheets to edit pages and upload to your site

Not sure if Woocommerce plays nicely with your theme? Watch this short video for steps on how to check.


This course assumes you have:

  • A WordPress website that you know how to update, add plugins etc
  • The ability to use Google Sheets at an intermediate level
  • Basic knowledge of Google Search Console

Prior Knowledge

This course assumes you’ve been doing research into programmatic SEO and know the basic concepts of how it is used to scale content.

If you’re new to the concept of programmatic SEO, I’d recommend that you:

Ian and Allison are both clever, kind humans who have created excellent products/courses in the programmatic SEO space.

Course Comparison

To know whether you even need this course, I’ll show what programmatic SEO courses are available and who they suit:

  • Allison’s free course on programmatic SEO – perfect for getting your head around the concept of programmatic SEO in a self-paced course. If you want to learn programmatic SEO and use a powerful tool to create WordPress blog posts at scale, take this course and use her software. The main tool discussed is PageFactory.
  • Preetam Nath’s course on learning programmatic SEO – great case studies and a low-code way to use programmatic SEO. The main tool discussed is WP All Import.
  • Ian Nuttall’s course on practical programmatic SEO – if you’re looking for a slightly more technical course on cleaning datasets, using scripts and indexing, buy this course. The main tool discussed is WP All Import.
  • My course on programmatic SEO for businesses – is focused on using WordPress product pages, without the cart functionality, for programmatic content rather than post pages and is tailored towards beginner/intermediate users. The course suits businesses who want to add programmatic content but don’t want to clog up their blog feed with hundreds of posts. They see adding programmatic SEO as an experiment and want the ability to tweak content, delete pages (if needed) and update content easily. The main tool discussed is Woocommerce (free version).

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to:

  • find data for your programmatic content using no-code tools
  • get ideas on what long-tail content might work for your business
  • understand how you might structure content on your page (and what to avoid)
  • add programmatic content to your website using Woocommerce and Google Sheets
  • create a system to capture leads for your business from your programmatic pages
  • find out about tools for image generation, content creation, indexing and more


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