Our new app is a solution in search of a problem

In Short: Apps cost so much more than the sticker price. Plan your tech spend based on the highest ROI issues before you buy that beautiful, new, life-changing app or software deal.

We’d never admit that it was the slick promo video or the recommendation from a productivity geek but, somehow, we ended up with an app that we’re trying to sell to train our staff how to use. Does it fit into your workflow map, enhance your customer experience or provide more automation to your business? Does it fit within your software budget and provide an over-sized ROI for the use of their time, use of your technology goodwill (in having them trust your choice) and cost, time and effort to change everyone’s habits?

Top tips? Keep all your team’s app recommendations and business improvement ideas in a dedicated space where your team can discuss and vote on at a monthly meeting. If a specific recommendation is a big win for your business, reward your staff member for their thoughtfulness and repeat the process next month.