Top Design Collaboration & Revision Software Tools

Looking at options for software to provide design feedback on proofs, edits, annotations etc. This is what we found:

  • **** Red Pen (simple annotations on png files) – pricing around $25 pm
  • Droplr (screen recording & screenshot tool) – priced around $10 per user per month with 5 user max.
  • Notism (used for quickly getting to sign-off. Some more complex features included) – around $20 per month
  • ViewFlux (used for prototyping websites and commenting on designs) – around $29 per month
  • Wake (fast way to share design concepts, mainly focused on sharing within a design team) – free for most but has $16 per month plan for extras
  • Prevue (adds design presentation tools to bring your sketches to the boardroom) – $5/$10 per month
  • ***** GoVisually (simple way to upload, share and get feedback on your designs + unlimited collaborators) – $37 per month for 3 team members
  • DesignDrop (super simple tool for design collaboration through link-sharing) – $55 per month for unlimited collections
  • Cage (add project management into the design review process) – $25 per month

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